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Newest Release! (July 2019)

The conclusion to the epic Elites trilogy!


The apocalypse gallops closer.

So warns a powerful entity who’s traveled back in time to warn the Elites, and stop the cause of the world’s end.

But destiny is difficult to defeat. Destiny is implacable, inexorable, cruel in its indifference.

The Elites, however, are also known for their tenacity – and they’ll need every ounce of it for this battle.

Faced with their greatest challenge yet, the superhero team battles both to save the life of one of their own, and to stave off armageddon.

New enemies will challenge them, and new allies will aid them. Their adventures will take them far from Earth, and they’ll have to make unsettling compromises – and search deep within themselves for strength and wisdom.

Will it be enough?

Is this truly the end, or only a new beginning?

Find out in “Nightfall,” the stunning conclusion to the Elites trilogy!

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