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Newest Release! (September 2018):


Primal Nature 10 (1)
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The trilogy continues!

It has spandex, explosions, net-runners…and a god named Dakroth’gannith’formaz….

The blurb:

What can change the nature of an alien?

An alien ambassador stationed on Earth has been killed, and Johnny Wagner, the Godlike PI, has been hired to investigate the murder.

In addition to his enemies on Earth, Johnny now has to contend with a vast empire of murderous extra-terrestrials who despise his peace-loving clients.

Two alien cultures that hate each other, with Johnny caught in the middle? Great….

Not only that, but his God Arm, an inimitable entity named Dak, is in a morose mood, Earth’s superheroes are as arrogant and unhelpful as ever, government officials want him dead, his romantic life is pathetic, and his domineering landlady is nagging him about rent.

Such is the life of a superpowered private eye who’s bonded to a strange, frustrating god.

Combining alien conspiracies with all-out comic book-style action, “Primal Nature” is fast-paced, fun, and daring. Welcome to Z City, a place you’ll never want to leave, even when alien hordes are streaming through the streets!

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