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The apocalypse gallops closer.

So warns a powerful entity who’s traveled back in time to warn the Elites, and stop the cause of the world’s end.

But destiny is difficult to defeat. Destiny is implacable, inexorable, cruel in its indifference.

The Elites, however, are also known for their tenacity – and they’ll need every ounce of it for this battle.

Faced with their greatest challenge yet, the superhero team battles both to save the life of one of their own, and to stave off armageddon.

New enemies will challenge them, and new allies will aid them. Their adventures will take them far from Earth, and they’ll have to make unsettling compromises – and search deep within themselves for strength and wisdom.

Will it be enough?

Is this truly the end, or only a new beginning?

Find out in “Nightfall,” the stunning conclusion to the Elites trilogy!

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Rogue Superheroes


No good deed goes unpunished…

…especially if you’re a superhero.

Fresh off a decisive victory against a mad zealot, the superteam known as the Elites believe they’ve earned a respite.

But they’ll get no rest, as their leader’s actions after that conflict have set off a chain reaction that threatens to rip society apart.

As the world they sought to protect turns on them, the Elites find themselves on the run – and facing hard questions about their own motivations and abilities.

The stakes are even higher – and this time, not everyone gets out alive….

Grab the pulse-pounding second installment of the Elites series today!

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The Compassionate Assassin


To kill or not to kill…

…that is NOT the question an assassin should be asking herself.

But the international mercenary known as Deathrain has been having trouble lately.

The intellectuals would probably call it an “existential crisis.”

She calls it a potentially lethal mental weakness.

To make matters worse, she’s now caught between a sadistic crime boss and a noble superhero, two men fighting for very different ideals.

Can she make it out of this conflict alive and with her sanity intact?

Find out by reading this action-packed novella today!

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The World Savers:

the world savers cover kindle


A legendary superteam reborn.
A zealot intent on remaking society.
A world on the brink….

The all-new Elites have barely gotten to know each other before they’re thrust into action.

Their enemy is implacable and powerful…

…while they are far from united.

Can this superhero team come together and save the day? Or will the team collapse in failure, just like their immediate predecessors?

Fans of “The Avengers” or “Justice League” will love this page-turning, high-octane novel!

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Johnny Wagner, Book Two:

Primal Nature 10 (1)

The next chapter in the Johnny Wagner trilogy! Even crazier – or saner, if you’re already crazy – than the first book!

The blurb:

What can change the nature of an alien?

An alien ambassador stationed on Earth has been killed, and Johnny Wagner, the Godlike PI, has been hired to investigate the murder.

In addition to his enemies on Earth, Johnny now has to contend with a vast empire of murderous extra-terrestrials who despise his peace-loving clients.

Two alien cultures that hate each other, with Johnny caught in the middle? Great….

Not only that, but his God Arm, an inimitable entity named Dak, is in a morose mood, Earth’s superheroes are as arrogant and unhelpful as ever, government officials want him dead, his romantic life is pathetic, and his domineering landlady is nagging him about rent.

Such is the life of a superpowered private eye who’s bonded to a strange, frustrating god.

Combining alien conspiracies with all-out comic book-style action, “Primal Nature” is fast-paced, fun, and daring. Welcome to Z City, a place you’ll never want to leave, even when alien hordes are streaming through the streets!

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Johnny Wagner, Book One:

Double Lives Re-Design v5

A superhero/private eye/thriller/various-other-fiction-categories novel nonpareil!

Book One of a planned trilogy, a trilogy that is sure to change everything! No, that’s not hyperbole! (OK, it is.)

The blurb:

There are two sides to every superhero….

One of Z City’s superheroes is dead, killed in battle with his supervillain nemesis. The villain has been arrested, and his conviction appears certain.

But all is not what it seems….

The superhero’s widow, of all people, believes the villain was set up, and she’s hired Johnny Wagner, the self-proclaimed Godlike PI, to investigate the murder.

Equipped with a God Arm, Johnny is a determined, resourceful, and powerful private eye – except when the god on his arm is acting ornery, or when the women in his life drive him to distraction, or when he worries about paying off his many debts.

Can Johnny solve this case without getting vaporized or – even worse – going deeper into debt?

Featuring high-octane action, forbidden romance, scheming government officials, and a villain who dresses up in a squirrel costume, this is an exciting new entry in the superhero fiction genre. Welcome to Z City, a place you’ll never want to leave, even when someone’s firing a lambda beam at you!

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