New Release! An Epic Fantasy Adventure!

Yes, there are dragons!

After writing several superhero novels, I decided it was time to branch out into other genres.

Thus, today’s new release, which is my first foray into the fantasy realm.

I present to you The Shard of Kyl’larbo!

The blurb:

When the darkness comes…

…that means it’s time to fight the darkness.

Cullen was a simple farmboy, harvesting radishes and organic kale alongside his parents, cousins, grandparents, and several others who were either second cousins once removed, or great aunts and uncles.

Then came the dragon.

With fiery breath that was very hot, the dragon incinerated Cullen’s family and their homestead.

Cullen was sad.

But the dragonbreath didn’t harm Cullen, for some reason. And the dragon told him something before it flew away:

“My fire has not hurt you. You are the Chosen One. That means you are Chosen.”

Cullen did not know what that meant, nor did he have anyone to turn to for advice.

He was alone, his only possessions a bundle of organic kale and his father’s favorite clay mug.

But his life had changed forever, and he knew he must find out what the dragon meant.

So Cullen sets off to the realm’s capital city, hoping to find answers…

…but the way is perilous…

…and his organic kale wilts quickly, and he’s already cracked his father’s mug.

Will Cullen learn what happened to him? Will he find the Shard of Kyl’larbo? Will he meet the dragon again, and stab it with a magic sword? Will he find love in the feisty rogue who aids him, because opposites attract?

Find out in book one of the Dragontouched Tetralogy, a 276,000 page epic fantasy novel that has been called by many a reader “a tale so amazing, I read it twenty-five times just this month!”

Available on Amazon right now!

I’m so, so, excited about this new novel!

Also check out the amazing cover below, designed by Gullible Cover Design!


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