The Elites Have Returned

It’s time to get darker….

Book Two of my Elites series, Rogue Superheroes, blasted onto the Kindle Store recently.

And I am stoked.

Not only for the kickass cover, designed by the incomparable 187Designz.


But also for the story – which, of course, is what it’s all about, right?

Rogue Superheroes continues the tale of the reborn Elites, (allegedly) the world’s greatest superteam.

In Book One, The World Savers, they…well, that would be telling.

Let’s just say that a lot of shit happened in Book One, and this spills over in a delightfully disastrous way in Book Two.

(Delightfully disastrous for an author who wants to craft compelling, flaw-ridden, suffering characters, and for readers hungry for said characters, not for the characters themselves. Sorry, Elites – to make you great I must rip you apart.)

And there’s a twist in Rogue Superheroes that’ll shock you – and perhaps cause a tear or two to roll down your cheek.

Actually, I don’t know if “twist” is the accurate term.

It doesn’t pop out of nowhere. It is, in the words of Robert McKee, “unexpected but inevitable.”

I won’t go much further, lest I ruin the moment. But believe me: that moment changes everything.

It even sets up Book Three, currently in progress…dammit! SHUT UP, MATT!


Book Two in a trilogy is when creators typically go darker and grittier. The “Empire Strikes Back” is, of course, a well-known example.

Rogue Superheroes continues this tradition.

But it’s not all doom-and-gloom. There are moments of triumph, camaraderie – and love.

So head on over to the Big Zon and download this tale into your Kindle.

And don’t believe the propaganda about the Elites being “murderous rogues.”

They’re superheroes, even if in this tale they’re on the wrong side of authority.

And superheroes never quit, even when…SHUT UP, MATT! YOU’RE SPOILING EVERYTHING!


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