Finally, a Reader Magnet!

It’s common for self-published authors to use a Reader Magnet to draw in folks to their Author Platforms.

A Reader Magnet can be a short story, the first few chapters of a full novel, a novella, bonus scenes, and so on.

In exchange for getting this free content, people need only give up their email addresses.

It’s a tried-and-true strategy to build up a mailing list while also hooking readers on your writing — so of course I haven’t created a Magnet until now.

Hey, I never claimed to be a visionary or an expert businessman.

But now I do have a Reader Magnet: The Compassionate Assassin.

Is she the baddest good girl, or the goodest bad girl?

This novella stars Deathrain, a superhuman assassin with a healing factor.

Deathrain first appeared in my Johnny Wagner novels as a scene-stealing supporting character. When it came time to write a Reader Magnet, choosing her for a protagonist was a no-brainer.

She’s spunky, resourceful, and lethal. With her healing factor, she’s able to absorb incredible injuries and keep going.

So what about the “compassionate” part? Well, Deathrain’s dark deeds are catching up with her, and her outlook on life is changing.

How she handles this inner turmoil (and the two very different men engaged in a tug-of-war for her) serves as the basis for this novella.

To get The Compassionate Assassin, simply sign up for my newsletter.

If you’re already subscribed, I’m sending out an email now so already-subscribed folks can get the novella.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, let me know.

Next step: set up some Bookfunnel group promos and see if I can pull in some more subscribers.

I’ll let you all know how that goes. (Maybe – if it doesn’t go well, I’ll just go cry in the woods while the cold, distant stars gaze down at me.)

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