New Release! Scorching Hot!

Double Lives_12
Spoiler alert: his right arm does cool stuff.

I’m right proud of this baby.

My first novel, The Clerk, was a tremendous learning experience – but, I also did things my way. I wrote the novel I wanted to write, and didn’t worry too much about “the rules”

A lot of the reviewers for The Clerk mention it’s a “small” novel. Not a lot happens in it. As one reviewer put it: “Once again, I reiterate this is the life and times of a middle-aged man working in a grocery store. If you are (SPOILERS AHEAD) looking for the part where the main character accidentally witnesses a mafia execution, or inherits a million dollars, or assembles a lovable team of ex-convicts to pull off the perfect jewel heist, you will not find it here.”

All that was done purposefully. I wanted to deliver a “small” story that still dealt with some themes that are important to me.

Double Lives is different. Yes, it was amazingly fun to write, and I told the story I wanted to tell, but I was thinking of YOU, the reader, the entire time. I wanted to entertain you, to make you laugh, to make you gasp as Johnny and Dak fight their way out of yet another tight spot.

Shit happens in this novel. If you love the hectic pace of comic books, you’ll love this story of Johnny Wagner, Godlike PI, and the convoluted case he takes on. Don’t worry, there aren’t many Big Philosophical Themes that you’re expected to ponder for days on end. There is, however, a character named the Antarctic Anarchist and an assassin with a healing factor.

In short: The Clerk is my contemplative, literary side. Double Lives is my geeky, comic book-loving, gimme-more-explosions side.

Which leads to the next question: how many sides do I have?

The answer: A BUNCH.

Anyway, check out this bad boy on Amazon. Got Kindle Unlimited? Read it for free. Like it? Leave a review. Don’t like it? Well, that’s not possible, so we won’t consider it.

Stay tuned to this site, as I’ll be talking more about this novel in the days ahead.

Thanks folks!

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