“The Clerk” on Sale!

Hey folks, Rock Lewis here. I’m one of the characters in this here novel by this Matt Cooper fella.

Oh, his name is Cowper? Haw! I bet he got picked on in school, strange name like that!

Anyway, I’m supposed to plug this book, so here goes. I ain’t all that good at plugging any sorts of things, so I’ll just tell it like it is and be on my way. The Beenie Weenies are on the hot plate, too, and I’m ready for my feed.

The Clerk is on sale for 99 cents until February 21st, so go on and snag you a copy! I’m not much into reading myself, but I like this book – and not just because I’m in it!

Believe Rock Lewis when he says this book is good!

Other folks like it, too. They say the writing is witty and the characters are vivid, and there’s themes and social commentary – which may sound boring, but they ain’t!

Maybe some onomatopoeia, too? I remember that word from school! Don’t give a damn what it means, just think it’s funny to say!

So head on over to that Amazon.com website and buy you a copy while ya got time.

Think about it: you can buy that candy bar at the checkout line, or you can buy a novel that’ll scintillate your mind, make ya laugh, make ya cry, make you feel as robust as me back when I was a bucking bronco! Oh, I still buck a little, but I’m getting old – can’t deny it.

The Clerk, 99 cents until February 21st. Go get it, and tell’ em Rock Lewis sent ya!


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